Watch this video about Skin Microbiome by Dr. Magali MOREAU & Dr. Luc AGUILAR

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About Skin Microbiome :

Skin microbiome shaped by body site & individual, influenced by host physiology, lifestyle, immune system and environment, it affects at least AD, acne, dandruff…

Discover together the skin microbiome knowledge with Dr. Magali Moreau & Dr. Luc Aguilar :

About the experts :

Dr. Magali Moreau- Head of Microbiome Laboratory group, Advanced Research at L'Oréal :
A graduate of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan in chemistry, Magali Moreau also has a doctorate in biochemistry from the University of Paris-V. After nine years of research on interactions between plants and pathogens at Cornell University and the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research in the United States, she joined the L'Oréal group in the USA in 2014, to establish research programs in green chemistry and biotechnologies with American partners. His expertise covers molecular biology, innate immunity, structural biology and microbiology.
Luc Aguilar - Research Director, Skin Microbiome and Exposome, L’Oréal :
Luc Aguilar is a biologist by training who gathers more than 20 years of experience in the biotech, pharmaceutical and the cosmetic industry. He joined L’Oreal’s group eight years ago to build the biotechnology Department in Advance Research. He is now leading the Biological and Clinical Research groups with a specific researcher focus on the Skin Microbiome and the Skin Exposome.